Hello! Iā€™m Ayana, and I founded True Massage & Bodywork, a spa and media platform that helps educate massage therapists in entrepreneurship.


I was first introduced to massage therapy when I worked in reception for a fast paced luxury spa. During that time I had the opportunity to experience first hand the ins and out of running a successful spa business. More importantly, I was able to hear the amazing testimonials of clients who were able to get off pain medication, increase their mobility, and cope with anxiety all through the power of massage. At that time I was in school for nursing, but dropped out to pursue massage therapy.


In 2016 I enrolled full time in a massage & bodywork program and spent close to a year studying the human body, physiology, pathology, and so many other courses that led me to finally a year later receiving my diploma and license in 2017.

I immediately jumped into working for a fast paced spa franchise and immediately felt unfulfilled, even though massage was my passion.


I decided to take a leap of faith in 2018 and started my massage company. Unfortunately, I lacked the guidance, motivation, and business processes to be able to maintain a profitable spa. So I shut down my dream and continued working at chiropractic offices, spas, and clinics for the next two years.


My job at a spa shut down due to the pandemic which left me broke and unemployed. On top of that, I had to move back home, and really figure out how I was going to make ends meet. I settled for a desk job. I knew this was my opportunity to finally build the business I wanted. To take a leap of faith and do it right this time.

So, I spent all my free time building my business. I networked, created streamlined processes, joined a community of other bosses and really began to get noticed.

Within 6 months of re-launching my massage business, I had scaled to a team of 6, a full time income, and generated $40k of gross revenue.


Now I live the life that I have always dreamt of.
My business is expanding.
I travel.
I am no longer chained down by finances.
The amount of time I spend with my family and friends is up to me- not my employer.

But besides my own massage business, I also help other LMT's just like you to get their businesses off the ground.